We Offer Cost Effective, Efficient Product Development & Support Solutions

Launching a new product or developing the market position of an existing one can be quite an overwhelming processs at times.

"Our mission here at Logicpond is to get you through those tough times, relying on our team's expertise in building and supporting products and services."

CEO - Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd

Design & Analysis

The starting point of any successful product or service is a viable idea, market study and an innovative and efficient design

Planning & Development

You need the best strategy, planning and implementation experts to get your design off the ground and that's where we excel

Execution & Support

You can depend on us in executing the action plan, evaluating the results and help you support and maintain your products


Our Services to Suit Your Needs


Innovative Design

Perfect for fresh ideas or young startups, this service option will help get your business off the ground

  • We will help research your ideas & develop prototypes
  • And help maintain & support your product(s)

Accelerated Growth

We can help you enhance, optimize, support and maintain your current product(s)

  • Augment technology strategy and improve execution efficiency
  • We will help you take your products to the next level

Industry Leader

You already have a product or more in your industry, now you want to be the leader

  • Or Maintain your current leadership status
  • Add new product features and services, the right way, cost effectively.

Accelerate Growth

1How Can Logicpond Help Your Business
At Logicpond, we've taken the consultancy concept one step further by offering a full set of services and expertise.
Logicpond provides resusable tried & tested components, processes and tools, to help turn your ideas into product design and develop, evaluate and execute it.
An awesome product development team can still benefit from our experienced and proven QA/QC team, the sky is the limit for what can be achieved.


Logicpond provides innovative and customized product development and technology services. Our top 3 services offerings are:

Product Development Services - 100%
Quality Assurance & Control - 100%
Data Visualization & Analysis - 85%

Visit our Services section for more details.

  • 1
    Efficiency is on top of our list when it comes to the way we deliver our services to our customers
  • 2
    Positive Impact is what we strive for in all our actions
  • 3
    Quality is one important aspect we strive to exceed at every opportunity
  • 4
    Budget Friendly options provide the best quality services at the lowest cost possible
  • 5
    Trust is something that we always strive to earn from our customers
  • 6
    Ethics & Integrity reflects in all our actions. We do everything with integrity

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction from all of our customers

Our goal is to help you to be successful and help grow your business

  • We value long-term relationship, with mutual respect
  • We provide results, working closely with your in-house team
  • We offer 24hr productivity with our offshore model
  • Our offshore dedicated team provides results, while you rest
  • Start saving on your product development budget, right away

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We Deliver Product Development Services

Our goal is to provide the right set of product development services, solutions and tools, so your products can create industry momentum and thrive

  • We are based out of Kerala (God's Own Country), India, with field offices spread across the world.
  • Founded in 2006, by a group of technology entrepreneurs, with decades of technology experience, seeing the need for a nimble and flexible customer focused product design and development team to offer cost-ffective technology and management solutions.

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