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Offshore outsourcing has become a popular option for companies seeking an affordable, high quality alternative for managing their R&D operations.
To meet this need, Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd., has set up an offshore delivery center in India.


Our Strengths Logicpond - Our Strengths

Graphics & Imaging Real-Time Graphics - Interactive 2D & 3D graphics, Scene graph and Performance tuning
Image Rendering - OpenGL, DirectX and GPU/Shading Language expertise
Image Processing - Segmentation, Registration, Filters, ROI Measurement, 3D reconstruction & Image Analysis
Embedded Graphics - OpenGL ES based application development and migration
Video & Audio MPEG, DirectShow, QuickTime, Windows Media, CELP , RTP , MIDI
Scientific Instrumentation & Controls Data Acquisition - NIDAQ, SIDX, OMEGA, Andor, Spectral Instruments, Berthold
Motor Controls - TMG, GALIL
Communication Protocols - FireWire, USB, RS-232, TCP/IP
Platform Migration Migration - Windows / Linux / Apple Mac OS X / Universal Binary/ iOS/ Android
Frameworks - .Net, Carbon, Cocoa, Qt, WxWidgets, iOS, Android
Web Technologies Web Services - WebSockets, SOAP/XML/REST, JSON, Ajax, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, WebGL Server Side Scripting - Servlets, JSP , PHP, Perl, Python
Testing & QA Black / White box testing
Test Automation - QTP, Selenium, Squish

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