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Offshore outsourcing has become a popular option for companies seeking an affordable, high quality alternative for managing their R&D operations.
To meet this need, Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd., has set up an offshore delivery center in India.


Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd., is a full life-cycle product design and development service provider in the visual computing domain.

Our core competencies coupled with onsite/offshore delivery model allow us to offer high quality, round-the-clock, cost effective product development services.

Our Core Compentencies Our Core Competencies

  2D & 3D Data Visualization  2D & 3D Data Visualization
  Medical Imaging & data Visualization  Medical Imaging & Visualization
  Life Science & Bioinformatics Applications  Life Science & Bioinformatics Applications
  Data Acquisition, Scientific Instruments & Controls  Data Acquisition, Scientific Instruments & Controls
  Visual Simulation Applications  Visual Simulation Applications
  Video / Audio Authoring & Streaming  Video / Audio Authoring & Streaming
  Web Service based Application Integration  Web Service based Application Integration
Engagement Models Engagement Models Our Strengths Our Strengths
Customer Benefits Customer Benefits

  Product Innovation  Product Innovation
  Skilled engineers and experienced project managers introduce product innovation.

  Low cost-to-develop  Low cost-to-develop
  Impetus on offshore delivery to address cost-effective product development.

  Faster time-to-market  Faster time-to-market
  Flexible resource scaling and our domain expertise can address faster time to market schedules.

  Better Quality  Better Quality
  Time tested QA procedures, Test labs and Skilled testing professionals result in quality product.

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