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Preclinical imaging: product design, development & support
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Template Preclinical Imaging

Preclinical imaging helps us observe and analyze changes in living animals at the tissue, cell and molecular level, primarily to monitor how these animals respond to physiological and environmental changes.

As researchers and scientists are busy coming up with non-invasive and in vivo technologies to help provide deeper insights into living animals using anatomical and molecular imaging techniques to speed up drug discovery, the road from research to discovery and commercialization of these quantitative techniques still heavily relies on traditional methods, which is predominantly based on manual interpretation of reports, tables and 2D graphs.

Though the data acquisition technologies in this field are developing rapidly with a number of recent advances in multimodal approaches, improved 2D & 3D image resolutions and introduction of significant new labeling techniques, there is still a real need to have affordable, quantitative and intuitive tools & techniques to get deeper insights into acquired data to help accelerate research, discovery & decision support leading to commercialization.

Template Preclinical product development support

Logicpond’s wealth of experience in preclinical product development and affordable IPs in this segment enables automated data acquisition work flows, intuitive & interactive 3D data visualizations and quantitative image analysis routines including the detection and segmentation of regions of interest and the accurate measurement of objects within them.

The benefits are enormous:

  • High-fidelity data visualization – providing deeper, quantifiable insights to help decision support.
  • Accurate and consistent results – processing a vast repository of data which can be correlated and compared to support better decisions and generate new insights.
  • Automate routine image analysis tasks – speeding up analysis to support better preclinical decisions and larger research studies.
  • Accurate 3D visualizations & measurements – 3D and volumetric measurements provide better and most accurate means to assess, say, tumor growth or recession.
  • Multi-modality assessment & analysis – providing multiple assessment and comparison criteria, improving accuracy based on complementary imaging strengths and analysis results.

Logicpond’s technology expertise that way helps bring together the structural and functional data found in preclinical images, enabling researchers and scientists to automate their data acquisition, visualizaton and analysis routines in full compliance with established evaluation standards and extract new insights from 2D and 3D images in intuitive work flows.

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