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Quality drives everything that we do, from technology to processes to human resource practices.
To us, long-term relationships with our customers provide the best measure of quality.

Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd., California Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd

Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a India based product design and development solutions company.
We help product companies across the visual computing value chain accelerate product development life cycles. Unlike other providers, Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd., helps clients speed up in product development through a unique combination of ready-to-use technology, management expertise and services along with unparalleled visual computing experience.

History History

Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd., was founded in Aluva, Kerala by a group of entrepreneurs with decades of business experience, seeing the need for a nimble and flexible customer oriented product design and development company to offer cost effective technology and management solutions in the visual computing hardware and software development area.


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